What Makes Me Tick

Jim & Lisa Smith

Jim & Lisa Smith

If you’re going to regularly read what I have to say here, you should know some things about me.  Here are a few things worth knowing...

Did you know there is actually a Jim Smith Society?  No joke! Click here to see.  How many of you can say you’ve got an “exclusive” society just for people with your name?  

My full name is James Winston Smith. My father was/is a big admirer of the great Winston Churchill.  Most people call me Jim. To a few, I’m Winston.

Going back to 1999, I have founded and owned three financial consulting businesses, each with a slightly different focus.  PERFORMIDABLE is intended to be the business with the broadest client reach. 

I act like, think like, work like, and take risks like a small business owner.  Of all people types, I’m most like and most like hanging out with other small business owners.

I have held the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation since 2000.  Yes, that is the professional mark for people who do investments and personal financial planning.  And though I closed my investment advisory business at the end of 2015; any planning that is comprehensive, strategic, and financial in nature I love doing…

…the love of those things combined with my love working with small businesses first started to pull me away from personal financial planning in 2012, when I started providing executive-level financial management and strategic planning to the small businesses of a few clients.

I formed PERFORMIDABLE in 2016 to take this progression one step further, by making my strategic small business planning services available to a broad audience online.

I’m a Christian, as defined by my repentant faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  I am heavily involved in my local church.  And I love the Book of Proverbs, which I find it to be an excellent source of wisdom for business owners. 

I love all sports. Basketball was my playing sport, and once upon a time I could ball.  Now I only bawl when I watch a sad movie and everyone dies in the end.  Hello, Saving Private Ryan!

I’m an original thinker.  Some people read to learn from what others think.  I prefer to read raw news or information, and then think.  I think a lot and deeply. 

Not infrequently, I think creatively and differently.  I respect and admire the brilliance of others, but still tend prefer to think, write, and say my own stuff. 

I like to beat dead horses.  About 5-10 essentials (see my first blog post) will determine your success in business.  Most everything else matters, but won’t make or break you.  My fondest dream for PERFORMIDABLE is that critics will say we incessantly dwell on the same essentials of business success. You and your business should be so lucky!  Did I mention I beat dead horses?

I love using analogies.  Not everyone loves or thinks in financial or strategic terms. Dogs like bones. Cats like ______ (hmm, haven’t figured that one out yet).  People like analogies because they make dry or technical topics more enjoyable to follow and understand.

I don’t mind breaking grammatical rules.  The rules I learned in 12th grade English notwithstanding, effect sometimes trumps grammar!  Nuff said?

I have one wife and two sons, all of whom I love. My wife does creative work for PERFORMIDABLE behind a camera and at her laptop.  My sons are growing into adulthood and finding their places in the world. 

If you would like to establish a one-to-one connection with me or you just want to say Hi or “Uh Huh!” to something you just read, I’d love to hear from you at jim@performidable.com anytime and will be pleased to make and maintain a friendship with you!

Long live small business! Long live small business owners!

Jim Smith, Founder, PERFORMIDABLE, LLC