Jim & Lisa Smith & Family

Jim & Lisa Smith & Family

Meet Our Founder


In the capacity as an outsourced CFO, Jim has been helping small business owners plan and manage their businesses and finances for over a decade. Though he’s helped owners in a variety of industries, his heaviest concentration is and has been in working with businesses that could generally be labeled as “contractors” – including both specialist and general contractors.


The general construction, roofing, and road construction industries are where he has the most specialization. But he has found most businesses tend to experience a common set of core needs and concerns - especially as they grow - and works with small businesses in multiple other industries.


In terms of personal interests… Jim takes his Christian faith seriously and is a leader in his church, loves his wife and family, enjoys sports of all kinds, and engages in adventurous outings and activities.


He has held the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation since 2000.