performidable Helps Business owners make it to the top

You are what we are – a small business owner.  You do what we love – run a small business.  So, we do the thing that comes most naturally to us – step in to the role of your outsourced CFO to help you succeed and enjoy running your business!


We are small business specialists. To be more precise, we are small business profitability and efficiency specialists. Like a full-time CFO would, as your outsourced CFO we help your business in many different areas, but everything we do is ultimately to help your business make and sustain profits as efficiently as possible.


This is what we do to help your business because profits and efficiency make your life as an owner a lot more pleasant - and that is really our end goal. So, if you want to think less about what we do for you and more about what we deliver to you – we are your enjoyment specialists!


You own a growing small business, have a growing team, and do whatever you do well.  As your outsourced CFO, we make your business PERFORMIDABLE...  



We help you devise profitable strategies that best fit your business


We help you develop a business model that facilitates your long term success, both at                                                  the business and personal levels


Like constructing a pyramid, we help your business by building or strengthening the foundational “layers” it needs to elevate its way to the top, including:


  • strong and profitable business model
  • accurate accounting, financial intelligence, and sound financial controls
  • hidden cost coverage
  • profitable pricing and job costing
  • optimal profit production
  • a championship team
  • best fit capital types and sources
  • focused and efficient operations
  • consistent cash flows and sufficient working capital
  • sustainable growth pace
  • a vision to be proud of and a succession plan to carry on its legacy


Much of what you'll receive as part of our outsourced CFO services has been designed, used, written or programmed based on real-world challenges faced by growing businesses like yours.  But you'll also receive from us plenty of customized guidance, systems, and structure development based on our experience working with businesses like yours.


Based on that experience, we know gaps and cracks in the layers listed above topple too many growing businesses into the tomb… but a well-constructed pyramid can elevate a business – YOUR business – straight to the top!


As your outsourced CFO gifted and experienced in forward-looking strategy planning and systems development, we are skilled “pyramid builders.”


Any time you spend using our services will be time well spent. Time that will strengthen your business model and make your business more successful and dynamic. Time that will help move your business forward. Time that will yield you the life you want to live and the business of your dreams.


Our service market is businesses with between $1-$20 million in annual revenue. We offer three different outsourced CFO service levels, based on where your business currently stands and the services it needs to get to the next level it aims to achieve...



This outsourced CFO service is for businesses with strong and consistently-profitable business models seeking to maintain their competitive advantage (take our test here to rate your business model strength). Though it's great for businesses already at the top of their game, it isn’t suitable those needing business model strengthening or the development of systems, structures and plans needed to get there – which are services delivered under our Level 2 and 3 services.



This outsourced CFO service is for growing businesses needing to develop and implement the systems, structures and plans needed for consistent strength and profitability. It includes all services of our Level 1 service, plus ongoing focus on the development of a strong and consistently-profitable business model, and the strategic and financial planning necessary for business success.


LEVEL 3: bUILD, gROW & manage

This outsourced CFO service is for businesses who don't need a full-time CFO, but do need one who is fully-integrated with the rest of their management team and who works on a one day per week basis (often ideal for businesses between $5-$20M in revenues). It includes all services of our Level 2 service, plus weekly supervision of accounting and financial staff and interaction with other executive or managerial members of staff.


If your business is steadily growing but not yet mature size...expanding its team...constantly changing...and you have your hands full keeping up and are seeking strategic and financial direction on how best to get to the next level...we've got the solutions and tools you need to get there!


Our goal is to help you and your business stand tall atop the PERFORMIDABLE pyramid! Profitable. Successful. Competitively strong. A business you enjoy running. Time to get away.


Get started today by reading more details here about how we deliver our services: