Jim & Lisa Smith

PERFORMIDABLE was founded by Jim Smith, CFP®. Building on his two decades' of financial consulting expertise, our mission is to help the heroes of the economy -- small business owners like you -- perform well and become formidable competitors.


We are small business specialists. To be more precise, we are small business profitability and efficiency specialists. Like a full-time CFO would, as your outsourced CFO we help your business in many different areas, but everything we do is ultimately to help your business make and sustain profits as efficiently as possible.


We help small businesses set strategies and financial plans needed to break through and achieve champion-level performance!


We primarily serve growing small businesses. Our service market is businesses with between $1-$20 million in annual revenue. We offer three different outsourced CFO service levels, based on where your business currently stands and the services it needs to get to the next level it aims to achieve...


If your business is steadily growing but not yet mature size...expanding its team...constantly changing...and you have your hands full keeping up and are seeking strategic and financial direction on how best to get to the next level...we've got the solutions and tools you need to get there!


If you're in it to win it...aiming to stay on top...

PERFORMIDABLE's services are for you!